Education First Has Realeased A 2019 Annual And We Are Feeling A Bit Nostalgic

Education First has realeased a 2019 annual and we are feeling a bit nostalgic

Joe Robinson 12 Nov 2019 The Christmas gift that has us feeling like kids again The annual was a guarantee every Christmas. Regardless of what you were into, there would be a thin hardback A4 summing up the past 12 months of stories into a series of comic strips, word searches and spot the differences, and it would be neatly wrapped under the tree. West Ham United, Britney Spears, Strictly Come Dancing all had annuals. But there seemed to be one exception: cycling. That’s until this Christmas because thankfully tye-dye hipsters Education First have collaborated with their kit manufacturer Rapha to release the 2019 ‘Gone Racing’ annual. 'A nod to the teenage annuals of the 1960s, ʻ70s and ʻ80s’, Rapha calls this a ‘lighthearted yet insightful’ book to be enjoyed by cycling fans of all ages and Cyclist can confirm this is a proper annual. Inside there’s all a cycling ...

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