Editors’ Roundtable: Clearing the Classics Air

Can DQS be stopped? Will the puppies grow up in time? [Minimally edited to preserve the awkwardness of written conversation as well as our individual shortcomings. A couple races have passed since the convo started but there’s no harm in seeing how brilliant we were ahead of time.] Jens: I guess the obvious starting point is whether we think Deceuninck can continue their dominance? Or will they be exposed as weakened from last year when the other expected bigs really come into their planned form for the big races. Guys like Sagan, Terpstra, GvA, Naessen, Stuyven (and the other not-so-merry underachievers at Trek) (Sep) etc. Were Stybar and Jungels too good too soon perhaps? Seemsez: The issue with Deceuninck and the reason their system works is that they’ve got contingency plan after contingency plan and they don’t seem outwardly hierarchical. Every other contender on that list has at most two ...

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