Dygert-Owen Dominates Colorado Classic Climb

Chloe Dygert-Owen in yellow during stage 2 at the Colorado Classic

Chloe Dygert-Owen ’s stage win Friday at the Colorado Classic was a surprising result, considering the day’s main obstacle was a category 1 climb that topped out at more than 2,800 metres of elevation. But no one was more surprised than the Sho-Air Twenty20 rider herself, who has returned from injury with an intimidating show of power. “Definitely not,” was Dygert-Owen’s concise response to Cyclingnews ’ post-stage question as to whether she was confident in her ability to perform coming into the stage. Asked to rank the climb from 1 to 10 compared with other climbs she’s faced, Dygert-Owen was once again to the point. “For me, anything that goes up is a 10,” she said. Brodie Chapman, the Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank rider who Dygert-Owen caught on the climb and then passed on the way back down the hill to the finish in Avon, had trouble swallowing Dygert-Owen’s modesty. “Your ...

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