Dt Swiss Is Going To Make Aero Spokes Faster

DT Swiss is going to make aero spokes faster

Who doesn’t like a deep-section rim to make you go faster, but have you considered that your spokes may be slowing you down unnecessarily? DT Swiss certainly has in a recent patent we discovered. Aero is bunk DT Swiss ARC 1100 review High performance wheels often come with bladed spokes, but usually these simply use either a flat or elliptical profile. The DT Swiss patent , filed on 14 June 2017, describes using an actual aerofoil profile to “markedly reduce aerodynamic drag". A variable profile spoke There are a few interesting things that are going on here. Some special consideration has to be made when considering the drag of spokes because their movement consists of both a rotational component (your wheel spinning) and a translational component (your bike moving forwards). As a result, DT Swiss suggests using a symmetrical elliptical profile at the base of the spoke by the hub, ...

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