Does The British Government Have A Problem With Cyclists?

Peter Stuart 11 Sep 2018 The uptake of cycling is stagnant and poor bike sales worry the industry – we consider whether the Government is partly to blame Walk into Westfield London today, slap down £72,600 on a brand new Tesla Model S and the Government will hand you back £4,500. Similar, and sometimes even larger, grants are on offer for any electric car, van, taxi or motorbike. Why not? Electric vehicles are green, and the less air pollution the better. Buy an electric bike today at any bike shop, though, and the Government won’t give you a penny. It is the only electric vehicle to receive no plug-in grant. Even an electric motorbike would grant you a £1,500 payout, but as soon as you put a set of pedals on that two-wheeler and limit its speed and wattage, you can forget about it. Research shows that 20% of workers ...

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