Does Anyone Really Miss 26in Wheels?

Does anyone really miss 26in wheels?

It’s been five years since 27.5in wheels really took off, and longer still since 29ers went mainstream. In that time sales of 26ers – which dominated mountain biking for around 30 years – have sailed off a cliff in true Josh Bender style , spanking the landing like a meteorite and ragdolling out of shot. Mountain bike wheel sizes: 26in, 650b and 29in explained How does mountain bike wheel size really affect performance? And ever since then, we’ve been on the internet, arguing. Is 26in really dead? Did it fall, or was it pushed? Is it all just an industry conspiracy to sell more bikes by deliberately making their (far better) predecessors obsolete? While I can’t comment on the conspiracy thing on account of being a fully paid-up member of it (obviously), it does strike me that nobody’s really bothering to build new 26ers. Not even the awkward types. That’s ...

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