dhb Merino Long Sleeve Jersey review

Peter Stuart Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - 15:54 A comfortable, warm and breathable jersey that offers merino feel without the pricetag 4.0 / 5 £59.99 Merino wool is one of the surprise hits of mother nature, in the cycling world at least. The expensive fabric offers a naturally warmth, wind-blocking quality, as well as breathability while feeling fundamentally soft and comfortable to the skin. With that in mind merino makes for a stylish but functional spring or early winter jersey material, but has traditionally been pricey. So it was exciting to see dhb experimenting with the material at a more affordable cost. Firstly the science – while merino sheep may look as though they’re graced with thick hair, each strand of wool is less than a third the diameter of a strand of human hair, at under 24 microns. See related dhb's modern merino dhb Aeron Storm jacket Isadore Merino ...

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