Delaney's Rookie Dirty Kanza 200 Bike

Delaney's rookie Dirty Kanza 200 bike

Against better judgement, I cannonballed into the deep end of gravel racing last weekend at the Dirty Kanza 200. We're wrapping up a video feature, 'The Road to Kanza', about the preparation of bike and body for 200-plus miles of gravel, but I thought I'd share my gear selections here in the spirit of BikeRadar 's Horse for the Course features. If you are getting into gravel racing, perhaps some of this will be helpful. If you think gravel racing is stupid, then hopefully you can enjoy some of my epic fails detailed below! The course: Dirty Kanza 200, an unsupported 206mi, 10,000-vertical-foot gravel slog The equipment goal: A comfortable race bike with tires that can withstand Kansas' flint gravel, and the means to carry a small truckload of water The horse: Trek Checkpoint SL 6 with ENVE G23 wheels and Schwalbe G-One 38mm tubeless tires The winning bikes of ...

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