Cycling Rife With Tramadol Use, Wada Report Shows

The doping control van is hard to miss.

Cycling is far from having cleaned up its act when it comes to drugs, a new report from the World Anti-Doping Agency shows. The agency released the data from its Monitoring Programme - where it tracks the use of substances that are not on the banned list but are being tracked for potential abuse. Tramadol, a synthetic opioid painkiller, showed up in over four per cent of all doping controls tested - a rate an order of magnitude higher than in any other endurance sport. The use of Tramadol to mask the pain of intense efforts in races has been on the radar the MPCC for more than five years. The group has been calling on WADA to ban its use in competition. In a book published this year, retired rider Lieuwe Westra admitted to abusing Tramadol and caffeine as performance enhancing aids. Former Team Sky rider Jonathan Tiernan-Locke claimed ...

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