Crankbrothers Klic Hv Gauge Mini Pump Review

Crankbrothers Klic HV Gauge mini pump review

Using magnets to secure the hose to the pump body is a novel idea, which I was tempted to dismiss as a bit of a gimmick. But once I got to grips with the Crankbrothers Klic HV Gauge mini pump out on the trail, the benefits started to stack up. How to inflate a bicycle tyre — everything you need to know about pumps, valves, pressure and more How to choose a bicycle pump Stowing the hose away in the pump body, under a rotating cover, keeps nearly all trail gunk away from threads and seals if it’s stored on the bike. Extending the handle and rotating it into the T-bar position releases the hose, and if you attach it to the valve before docking the magnetised connector, you can avoid any awkward tangling, twisting of the hose or possible damage to the valve core. The two parts combine with ...

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