Continental launches first tubeless tyres, Grand Prix 5000 TL

Joe Robinson 7 Nov 2018 German tyre giant also launches new GP5000 clincher as ever-popular GP4000 ceases production It's been a long time coming. After years and years of resisting, German tyre giant Continental has finally converted and launched its first set of tubeless tyre, the Grand Prix 5000 TL. Every road cycling tyre and wheel brand worth its salt has progressed in the last few years and introduced a range of tubeless-ready rims and tyres for those looking for an option between clincher or tubular. Image 3 of 13 Image 3 of 13 Continental was the last big player to hold out. Why did Continental hold out for so long? Well, it's a collection of reasons. People convert to tubeless for a few reasons but they mainly revolve around the appeal of doing away with an inner tube that allows you to, firstly, run lower pressure in the tyre, ...

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