Condor Italia Rc Review

Condor Italia RC review

It’s often said that if you’re paying around a grand you may get a better bike buying aluminium rather than ‘budget’ carbon. But might that also be true when you up the ante and splash out over £2,000? If first impressions of Condor’s Italia RC are anything to go by, that could be yes. Road bikes 2019: the future of road cycling Best road bikes: how to choose the right one for you It looks fantastic and, along with quality wheels, tyres and Campagnolo groupset, is at a weight on a par with a lot of similarly priced carbon bikes. The Italian link is deeper than just sticking the ‘Italian’ name on a Far Eastern frame, with the RC handmade in Italy to Condor’s own design using Condor-specified 7003 aluminium tubing. Condor’s customisation also extends to component choices, and with the frameset costing £900 / $1,250 / AU$1,600 (use complete ...

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