Comment: Pro Kits You Should Wear

Joe Robinson 15 Feb 2019 Six of the best pro kits that you should proudly own Thanks to Rob Whittle's divisive ' In defence of wearing pro kit' article , it seems that many of our readers have come to the decision that wearing the jerseys of your favourite pro rider is really not that bad as others might think. After all, it is just cycling. Ok, as the various social media comments suggest maybe we haven't reached full agreement on this, but there has definitely been a turn in the tide with many more of us perfectly willing to pull on the same jersey as Chris Froome or Peter Sagan to join the club ride on a weekend than there were before. Remember, this all hinges on the much-peddled rule from the Velominati that states 'wearing pro team kit is also questionable if you're not paid to wear it', ...

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