Cervélo S3 Disc Review

Cervélo S3 Disc review

We’ve already been impressed by the C and R series disc bikes , but with the S3 this is the first time we get to see how discs have been integrated into a pure aero race bike. Cervélo R5 Dura Ace first ride review Cervélo C3 Disc review Cervélo R3 Disc review Cervélo makes some bold claims that during wind tunnel testing, into a 40kph headwind, there’s no difference between the rim-braked S3 and the S3 Disc. When the wind comes in from the side, where rivals see a loss in power, Cervélo recorded a 2-watt gain. Now, 40kph wind tunnel tests are fine for a minority of elite riders, but some of the other stats are of more use to us mere mortals. The frame is 40g lighter over the standard S3, the fork is down 50g, head tube stiffness has increased by eight percent and bottom bracket stiffness ...

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