Cant Claims Diegem Superprestige Victory

Sanne Cant (IKO-Beobank)

Sanne Cant (Iko-Beobank) sprinted to victory at the sixth Superprestige round of the season in Diegem. European champion Annemarie Worst ( and Denise Betsema (Marlux-Bingoal) rounded off the podium in a tight race. The trio had caught up with solo leader Eva Lechner (Clif Pro Team) towards the end of the penultimate lap of the race, with a standoff ensuing as the sprint to the line loomed. Lechner, who had been out front for much of the race, tried to make a difference on the final stretch of sand, but had to settle for fourth in the end. A series of falls marked the beginning of the race, with series leader Alice-Maria Arzuffi ( crashed from the middle of the pack. Cant and Ellen Van Loy (Telenet Fidea Lions) were among the other notable names to go down early on. On lap two Lechner was already up front with Worst, ...

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