Buyer's guide: touring bikes

Joseph Delves 15 Nov 2018 Four great bikes to get you into the liberating joys of bicycle touring This feature originally appeared in issue 48 of BikesEtc magazine Given enough time everything becomes fashionable again. Once the preserve of fuddy-duddies, bicycle touring is enjoying a renaissance among the young and trendy. Of course, this means the requisite gear has been spruced up to tempt youngsters to part with some of the money they should be saving for a flat deposit or frittering on avocados. Bikes and luggage have got lighter, more versatile and, whisper it… cooler. Fundamentally, though, cycle touring doesn’t care if it’s now cool. To those in the know, it always was. Escaping your cares by bicycle in search of lakes, mountains, forests and country pubs doesn’t need slick marketing to appeal. And if the thought of hipster hordes wobbling around on brand-new touring bikes is too much ...

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