Buyer's guide: Best power meters

BikesEtc Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - 16:31 Valuable training aid or expensive toy? We tried a selection of the best power meters to find out… Precisely how hard you’re working on the bike doesn’t matter when you’re out with your mates – it’s all about the ride. But if you’re training for an event, or just want to give a sharper focus to your attempts to get fitter, being able to measure your efforts can provide invaluable feedback to guide you to your goals. This is where a power meter comes in – and fortunately, these days, you won’t need a second mortgage to buy one. The strain gauges in modern power meters use clever electronics to measure the microscopic bending of metal or carbon as you transmit pedalling forces to the road. This gives a moment-by-moment measure of your output, captured in watts. The six power meters we’ve tested ...

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