Buyer's guide: best exercise bikes

Cyclist magazine 5 Dec 2019 An alternative to the turbo trainer, the exercise bike is a versatile piece of fitness equipment The indoor exercise bike can be a great alternative to the turbo trainer for road cyclists looking to maximise their training from home. No, honestly, it can and there are a few reasons why that's the case. Firstly, an exercise bike is constantly setup. This saves you the faff of grabbing your road bike, taking out the rear wheel and fixing it to the turbo - a time-consuming process that can sometimes put you off riding at all. Secondly, it's a more stable base to ride from. Turbo trainers can be quite delicate and often move around when you are putting down a lot of power whereas exercise bikes are often heavier with more contact to the ground. Thirdly, it also avoids you using your best bike on a ...

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