Buyer's guide: best carbon handlebars

BikesEtc 3 Jan 2019 Whether you want aerodynamics or enhanced comfort, there’s a set of carbon bars here with your name on them If you want to tune your bike for fit, ride feel or both, then upgrading your handlebars is a great way to do it. And while certainly a more expensive way of doing things, there can be little doubt that a set of carbon handlebars will enhance the aesthetics of your bike. Among carbon’s advantages are that it can be moulded into any shape you can think of which allows for fine tuning of aerodynamics or ergonomics, for example. But while all those featured here are, broadly speaking, designed to do exactly the same job, there are differences between them that are worth thinking about carefully before making a purchase. Are you looking to save weight, add or reduce stiffness or reduce your wind resistance? Whatever your ...

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