Bradley Wiggins announces end to rowing career that never was

Joe Robinson 21 Sep 2018 No Olympic gold number six for Wiggins as he calls time on 'rowing career' Sir Bradley Wiggins has ruled out making a comeback to the Olympic Games as part of the Great British rowing team at Tokyo 2020. Talking on his eponymous podcast, the five-time Olympic gold medalist stated that he simply 'has too much other stuff to do' meaning that he would not be able to dedicate the time needed to become an elite-level rower. When asked by his co-host, Andy Green, whether he was back to the rowing, Wiggins simply replied 'no' before stating that despite continuing to train he has decided 'to not go for the Olympics because I have too much other stuff to do.' Wiggins then went on to say that he needed to give himself a break and that it was not possible to train three times a day ...

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