Bouhanni: It's complicated at Cofidis

Christophe Laporte comes up to teammate Nacer Bouhanni after stage 1 of the Route d'Occitaine

With Tour de France selection and leadership status on the line, tensions at the Cofidis team appear fraught. Nacer Bouhanni described the atmosphere in the team as ‘complicated’ after edging out his own teammate Christophe Laporte on the opening stage of the Route d’Occitaine (formerly known as the Route du Sud) in the southwest of France. It was unusual to see the Cofidis pairing sprint against each other, with the result coming down to a photo finish. The two could then be seen in deep discussions after the finish line, before riding off in opposite directions. "I'm really happy to win today, in conditions that were not easy for me,” Bouhanni told Eurosport following his victory. “It's very complicated within the Cofidis team. There are things going on internally that I do not want to talk about in public. I keep this for myself. I do not have much to ...

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