Boost For London Cyclists As Extinction Rebellion Improves Air Quality

Jack Elton-Walters 18 Apr 2019 Arguments will continue about the group's approach to protest and the disruption caused, but the air quality has improved Riding to and from the Cyclist office in Central London comes with all the usual benefits of cycle commuting but also all the drawbacks. Poor road infrastructure, a section of the motoring public with a disregard for the safety of others and pollution so bad on some days that you can almost taste it. Promises from City Hall to 'make London a byword for cycling' are somewhere between ambitious and laughable. The newly launched Utra-Low Emission Zone is a step in the right direction but a small step in the grand scheme of the challenges faced by the country and the planet. Those challenges have been taken on by a group calling itself the Extinction Rebellion. Making the lead story on most news outlets, readers will ...

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