Bont Helix Road Shoes Review

Bont Helix road shoes review

Bont’s previous top of the line heat-to-fit race shoe, the Vaypor + , had a makeover, going from a flyweight ultra-stiff model to a more endurance biased, soft and supple kangaroo leather upper custom-fit shoe. 2019's top 5 pro road shoes Wide shoes: why you need them and which brand makes the best The company has been working on this racing-focused replacement, with the Helix using its more standard Durolite upper, which is like a typical microtex material but thinner and with more stretch. The upper is lined with a suede-like material, with a layer of memory foam sandwiched in between to ensure a comfortable fit. The insole is fairly simple compared with the likes of Giro’s multi-option arch and forefoot pads, but like the chassis this is heat mouldable when you do your original fitting. On the bike the Helix shoes are superb, the feel of unmoving stiffness is ...

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