Black-British Champions In Cycling Exhibition Showcases Diversity In Uk Cycling

Black-British Champions in Cycling exhibition showcases diversity in UK cycling

Maria David 20 Dec 2018 Research into testimonies by black British cycling champions helps explain lack of diversity in the sport at elite level Photo: Maria David, with thanks to Dr Marlon Moncrieffe and David Clarke Quiz time: Do you know who National Champion in the scratch race was in 1974? Or who was the highest placed British rider in the 2012 Tour of Britain? The answers, respectively, are Maurice Burton and David Clarke. These racers are among a select group, the subject of the Black-British Champions in Cycling exhibition which has been on at the University of Brighton since 10th December and finishes today. The brainchild of research by senior lecturer Dr Marlon Moncrieffe, the event showcases black British cycle racers like Maurice Burton, Russell Williams, Christian Lyte, David Clarke, Charlotte Cole-Hossain and others. Through a collection of testimonies by the cycle racers the exhibition helps answer the question ...

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