Bike Fit Variables: No. 6 Stack And Reach

Bike fit variables: No. 6 stack and reach

Stu Bowers 4 Jan 2019 Why traditional bike sizing doesn’t mean a thing This article was originally published in issue 78 of Cyclist magazine Why is it that you can be a size nine in one brand of shoe, but a size 10 in another? And why isn’t there a standardised sizing system to tell us whether or not a shoe will fit before we try it on? It’s a similar quandary for bicycles. Not only do brands have different ways of sizing frames, but the most common method isn’t particularly effective at indicating whether a bike will fit or not. Traditionally, frames are sized by the length of the seat tube, usually measured from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the tube itself. As with shoes, this figure is little more than an arbitrary number, so most bike manufacturers also provide a lot more detailed ...

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