Best Hydration Packs

Best hydration packs

Hydration packs are extremely useful. Even with the advent of gear-carrying bibs, nothing compares to a hydration pack when it comes water and gear-hauling capacity. The best packs can help you be prepared out on the trails and organize your riding essentials. Plus, carrying up to three liters of water (that's the equivalent of three large bottles) comfortably allows for big, all-day rides. What to look for in a hydration pack Hydration packs, just like everything else in the bike world, have evolved brilliantly. There’s a huge range of shapes, sizes and features. So how do you narrow down all the choices? Ask yourself what sort of riding you do: How long are your rides? How often do you puncture a tire or have other mechanicals? Do you play the role of sherpa for your less-prepared friends? etc. Each question should help you narrow down your choice so you end ...

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