Beryl Pixel Front Or Rear Bike Light Review

Jack Elton-Walters Friday, January 11, 2019 - 12:04 The Beryl Pixel can be a front or rear light, it's small and light, and very reasonably priced 5.0 / 5 £19.99 This isn't a light for illuminating trails or for lighting the way through the lanes during an early ride on a winter's day, but nor is it trying to be. The Beryl Pixel is a small accessory for urban riding and commuting that can be thrown in a backpack for emergencies or as additional illumination to make sure you're seen by other road users. It can also be employed if you're planning to use one of London's Santander Cycles , where the bult-in lights - now also supplied by Beryl - are arguably far too close to the ground. How is the average motorist supposed to be able to send text messages, drive and see a commuting cyclist ahead if ...

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