Belgian Cycling introduce certificate of fitness to drive for directeur sportifs

Walter Planckaert remains with the Topsport Vlaanderen-Baloise team in 2016

The Belgian Federation has abandoned its upper age limit for directeur sportifs driving in a race caravan, opting to introduce a ‘certificate of fitness’ for anyone hoping to get behind the wheel of a team or race vehicle. At present, anyone over the age of 70 and registered with Belgian Cycling is barred from driving a vehicle in a race caravan. However, this week the federation confirmed that this would change and the new rules would apply from January. “Safety during cycling races remains one of the main concerns of Belgian Cycling. Once again the federation takes additional measures to ensure that the motorised traffic in the caravan continues to lead in good and safe tracks,” a statement on the Belgian Cycling website read. “For example, the age limit of 70 years is set for drivers of a vehicle in the racing caravan on the national or international calendar (exception ...

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