Ashmei Merino T-Shirt Review

Pete Muir Wednesday, July 25, 2018 - 09:16 High performance tee for both casual and sportswear 4.0 / 5 £75 British cycling clothing brand Ashmei has long championed the cause of merino wool. ‘As did everyone until some bright spark invented polyester,’ says Ashmei’s founder, Stuart Brooke. For Brooke, the reason wool fell out of favour as a fabric for sports clothing had everything to with cost and nothing to do with performance. Merino wool especially is renowned for its thermo-regulating properties, but it costs about ten times more than oil-derived materials, which is why most companies opt for the cheaper alternatives. Image 2 of 7 Image 2 of 7 Wool also gets a bad rep owing to memories of heavy, scratchy fabrics and the sense that it should be confined to replica vintage kit, and is rarely seen on the backs of top sportsmen and women. However, a few ...

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