Armstrong Reaches $5m Settlement With Us Government And Landis

Armstrong reaches $5m settlement with US government and Landis

Joe Robinson 20 Apr 2018 Trial will not go to court; Armstrong has a year to pay fees Lance Armstrong and his attorneys have reached an out-of-court settlement worth $5 million with the United States government and former teammate Floyd Landis rather than taking the False Claims Act lawsuit to trial next month. The decision to settle outside of the courtroom was announced last night with Armstrong agreeing to pay $5 million to the United States government and an additional $1.65 million to Landis for legal fees and expenses. The former seven-time Tour de France champion will no doubt consider this a victory as the potential lawsuit could have cost him $100 million. As is well known by now, Armstrong's former domestique and disgraced Tour champion Landis filed the original lawsuit back in 2010 under the claim that Armstrong had defrauded the US Postal Service by taking illicit drugs to ...

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