And Lo! From The West, Talk Of Fsa-Ds!

Tis the season to predict the FSA-DS restricted riders Harken to my words: if you want to get to heaven, now is the time to diligently prepare one’s team for the heavenly competition of FSA-DS. But before we get to that let’s check in with NORAD’s Santa tracker! As of my writing Santa is heading for Helsinki and arrives....NOW! Okay. Last year you recall we had 41 restricted riders. That was fun! For me! Santa now heading for Riga....NOW! Onto Vilnius... 20 of those 41 were double restricted. So QUICK! Do you think there will be more of less restricted riders this year? Mark down your answer below. Passed Vilnius; on to Donetsk. Answer: for 2019 there are just 28 restricted riders, with a measly 15 of them double restricted. So your next task as Santa flies to Chisinau is to write in the comments which riders are restricted and ...

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