All-City Space Horse touring bike review

Joseph Delves Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 11:56 A sparkling thoroughbred that'll happily run all day 3.9 / 5 £1,800 Quick road centuries, gravel racing, commuting, and of course loaded touring. Even if you own a different bike for everything, it’s still necessary to have one that can do it all. That bike is the Space Horse. At least, so All-City reckons. Its geometry mixes road and randonneur, with a relatively short rear end and a lower-than-average bottom bracket for agile handling when riding unburdened, and increased stability when its saddlebags are full. The frame Very classic and minimalist, the Space Horse’s frame is instantly endearing. With straight tubing and classic non-compact geometry, the flat-crown lugged fork is the icing on top. Actually, scratch that. The sparkly paint is the icing on top. With a head tube that pokes up above the top tube, its stack is moderate, yet standover ...

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