Alien Egg Pods... For Bike Storage

Alien egg pods... for bike storage

I look at bike stuff all day, every day so it should have come as no surprise that Google popped an ad for a bike storage container on my screen. And what a storage container it is: Alpen's bike capsule is claimed to be a secure, waterproof custom home for your bike. Check it out. Asgard Access E Plus bike box review Stowaway stakes claim to being the ultimate bike storage solution Alpen bike capsule sizing Length 79″ (2,017mm) x height 53″ (1,334mm) x width 32″ (818mm) Capsule weight: approximately 130lbs (59kg) Max bike handlebar clearance: 584mm straight / 813mm turned / 914mm with front wheel removed Max bike length: 75″ (1,905mm) Max saddle height: 46″ (1,168mm) What bikes fit? According to Alpen, almost any style of bike can be housed inside the capsule. However, looking at the images, mountain bikes with wide handlebars appear to be a concern. The ...

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