Ale Cipollini Announce Women's Worldteam Licence Request For 2020

Mayuko Hagiwara with Ale Cipollini at Santos Women's Tour

As the UCI readies itself to implement a two-tiered team system in women's pro cycling, Ale Cipollini announced on Thursday that they would request a top-level Women's WorldTeam licence in 2020. If approved, they would become the only team in Italy to hold a licence at the highest level of the sport. "Now, ahead of celebrating our 10th year in the sport, I'm proud to announce that our project is continuing and that we're going to request a UCI licence for the Women's WorldTour 2020," said the team's president, Alessia Piccolo. "If the response is positive, we'll be the first Italian team to be part of the UCI's reform. We'll represent Italy in cycling in the highest category, as there aren't any teams in the men's WorldTour from our country." The team will celebrate its 10th anniversary next season, and is ranked among the top teams in the world. Under ...

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