Alban convertible backpack-pannier review

Joe Robinson Friday, December 13, 2019 - 14:43 A bag promising to be backpack and a pannier. Good at both or neither at all? 3.5 / 5 £115 I like to compare the Alban convertible backpack-pannier to your typical utility footballer and please bear with me as I do. Your typical utility footballer is someone who can play in a range of different positions in the outfield rather than having a specific place. For some, like say Ruud Gullit, it's because their athletic prowess and tactical nous afford them the ability to play in a range of roles across the park, capable of adapting their game for the task at hand. Others, like a Phil Jones, find themselves as utility players, not through their natural ability like James Milner and Gullit, but because they don’t quite cut the mustard to do one specific job and instead find themselves shoehorned into ...

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