Add A Belt Drive To Any Bike With Veer's Belt Drive

Add a belt drive to any bike with Veer's belt drive

Have you ever wanted to add a belt drive to your bike then realized that you would have to chop your frame to do it? Now a group of university students has a solution. Instead of splitting the bicycle's frame to slip a drive belt through the rear triangle, the Veer belt drive does the splitting, then reconnects with rivets. Pinion P1.12 12-speed gearbox first ride review Chain or belt drive: which is faster? Why belt drive Proponents claims that benefits of a belt-driven bicycle over a chain include increased longevity, less maintenance and a smooth, quiet ride. Another benefit is the lack of grease or oil for a cleaner ride. Belts and rivets Unlike a chain that can be sized by removing links, Veer custom cuts its belts to length. Joining the belt on your bike requires around 20 rivets that are cinched down with the included tool. Split ...

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