Action Cams — Hot Or Not?

Action cams — hot or not?

We all want to share the experience of our last epic ride, but when it comes time to sit through someone else's footage, do you really even want to watch a few minutes of video of your mate pootling along on their bike? Best GoPro and other action cameras Internal cable routing — hot or not? All too often it’s the same uninspired, unedited and uncut tortuous viewing experience. Action cameras are not the panacea to allow you to get great shots while out riding. They’re a tool you have to learn how to use. Nor do you automatically become ‘rad’ just because you’ve got a GoPro strapped to your head. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that unless you’re sending the biggest of lines, anything you record is going to look distinctly.... unimpressive. Action cameras just make things look slower, smaller and less steep than they actually are. ...

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