Abus Airbreaker Helmet Review Review

Abus Airbreaker helmet review review

Abus’ latest collaboration with the Movistar Team has resulted in the development of this new lightweight and airy lid designed for riding in the hot conditions that the major summer tours usually deliver. Giro Foray helmet review Abus GameChanger helmet review According to Abus, the Airbreaker was developed almost from the inside out. The Italian-made helmet uses special tooling, with a unique 'slider' construction that only a few premium helmet manufacturers have access to. As the material is introduced into the mould, the internal shape is slid into position (almost the reverse of traditional EPS foam manufacturing). Having the external shape as the constant, and manipulating the internal shape, reduces the amount of material needed and increases channel depth. And the Airbreaker has some seriously deep channelling – 28.3mm – and benefits from a huge reduction in overall mass. My test helmet (L) weighs just 228.9g (Abus claims sub-200g for ...

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