A Numbers Game: Best Road Bikes Of 2018

Cyclist magazine 28 Feb 2018 A breakdown of the best bikes of 2018 and what you should consider if you looking to buy Buying a new road bike in 2018 is truly a minefield. Do I go aero? Do I go lightweight? Do I need disc brakes? Should I consider tubeless-ready wheels? So many questions make this an extremely important decision especially as a new bike purchase, for many, is as big a commitment to buying a new car or going on a big holiday. It has to be right. To make it easier you should break down this process into some simple steps. Firstly, how much money am I willing to spend on my new bike and secondly what do I want from this bike. Once you have decided on this you should be able to narrow down your options considerably. Then you will be left with the smaller ...

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