A Life on the Pedals, by Pedro Delgado

Pedro Delgado, A Life on the Pedals

Title: A Life on the Pedals Author: Pedro Delgado (with Julián Redondo, translated by Toni Fernández and Adrian Bell) Publisher: Mousehold Press Year: 2019 (originally published in Spanish in 1995) Pages: 225 Order: Mousehold What it is: The 1995 autobiography of Pedro Delgado, one-time winner of the Tour de France, two-time victor at the Vuelta a España Strengths: It offers a sometimes engaging glimpse into life in the eighties peloton Weaknesses: Like most all chamoirs, it hides more than it shows Seven Spanish riders have won the Tour de France: Federico Bahamontes 1959; Luis Ocaña 1973; Pedro Delgado 1988; Miguel Indurain 1991-1995; Óscar Pereiro 2006; Alberto Contador 2007, 2009, 2010 ; and Carlos Sastre 2008. Bahamontes, he has a workmanlike English-language biography, from Alasdair Fotheringham . Ocaña, he has a rather wonderful biographical novel from Carlos Arribas and a rather dull biography from Fotheringham . Indurain, he has biographies by ...

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