A Cycling Gps With Integrated Video Camera And Lights

A cycling GPS with integrated video camera and lights

Kevin Crowell loved riding with a GPS unit and, often, lights and an action cam. But he wondered why the three things couldn't be one thing. "If we can make a cell phone that does all this, why can't we make a cycling computer like this?" Crowell said. Now, Crowell's company Refactor has a prototype RF-1 unit on Kickstarter, with the initial design having been audited by Hardware Studio. Best GPS units for cycling Garmin Edge 130 review Garmin Edge 520 vs Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Refactor RF-1 GPS proposed features Android 7.0 software with 3in color LCD touchscreen OpenStreet GPS maps 1080p 30fps HD camera Dual 60-lumen LEDs 12hr battery life ANT+ and BTLE 1.2GHz processor with 2GB of RAM From programming cyclist to CEO After working as a programmer for 19 years, Crowell set off on his own to build the next great cycling computer. What started as a ...

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