25 Cycling Tips From The Pros

BikesEtc 3 Oct 2018 We get the inside line from the best in the business to help improve your riding This feature first appeared in Issue 47 of BikesEtc magazine PART ONE - NUTRITION 1. Choose high-carb, low-fat for more power ‘I recommend a high-carbohydrate, low-fat, vegan diet. It’s going to send your performance through the roof. You should be eating whole plant foods. ‘Make sure you have no oils in the diet, not even a little bit when you’re cooking. Cut that out. Any fats that you have should come from whole foods, and moderate protein from plant sources only. ‘No eggs. No dairy. No meat. Cut all that filth out. Seriously, your power will go through the roof. It really helps my performance, I can really put down the power, put down the watts.’ Peter Sagan, Bora-Hansgrohe 2. Eat little and often ‘The importance of maintaining a healthy ...

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